Become A Master In Selling Real Estate To People

Learn how to become a sales champion…

Even with no experience or zero sales…

For a long time, finding clients that would buy properties was always a difficult task in real estate.

For some people, finding clients wasn’t an issue but how to close them for sales is…

Whatever your problem is, all that is changing. Thanks to this mentorship training.

You’ll learn the secrets on how to sell real estate to people like a PRO…

Pocket 10% For Every Successful Sales

This earn you about N400,000 if you successful close a deal worth N4 million.

Just imagine what you could do with the money you make more.

You just have to figure out the right system, which prospect can easily relate to and give you their money.

What To Expect

Eystone development is a multi-award real estate company with over 15,000 young realtors who have already fallen in love with us and are selling for us.

We have a proven system design for people like you to become a real estate sales champion even with zero experience.

We’ve packaged these proven tactics into a group mentorship training.

Where you’d meet with your lovely instructor CEO, DR. Hassan Ismail…

You’ll learn his secret: how he closed 1 billion Naira sales in 2 months, receiving the best selling realtor award during his days as a realtor.

And what he teaches his success line to do that makes them sell consistently.

Note: This is a physical class – Max 150 people – there are only 50 seats left

Learn From The Master Itself

This mentorship training is the first of its kind…
You won’t get stuck using the same boring tactics over and over again.
Tested, Trusted…

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