Eystone Wins Big at Africa’s Real Estate Innovation Awards 2022

    Eystone wins an award
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    Eystone development on 3rd June 2022 was awarded Africa’s most innovative & outstanding real estate investment brand in 2022.


    The award which was scheduled to hold on May 31st at the Sheraton hotel in Ikoyi was duly postponed to 3rd June 2022 at the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja.

    Africa’s innovative real estate brand awards 2022 is a celebration of innovation, leadership, and the growth of the real estate industry in Africa.

    The awards honor real estate game changers, companies, brands, and personalities that have contributed to the development of the sector.

    According to Eystone CEO, MR. Hassan, he said, it’s all about innovation, offering something different that is better than what is out there.

    And according to Eystone COO, MR. Kosoko, the market is enormous, there are a lot of real estate buyers that are seeking help to buy properties, just that the market isn’t favorable yet. That’s why we came up with an idea about how to improve our visibility and expansion to solve the consumer’s needs through creativity and content marketing.

    African real estate award ceremony

    According to the Eystone team, it’s all started through the bottom funnel, whereby you educate those in need, making their buying decision so much easier, thereby building authenticity, authority, and expertise.

    That’s the reason that we dive deeply into content marketing – content creation/blogging, video marketing, and more.

    That said.

    So, if you’re thinking about knowing our properties, click on the link here. I want to know

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