Why You Should Choose GEMSTONE Estate?

    why choose eystone estate
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    The smartest location is called GEMSTONE Estate which is currently one of the great charms of Ibeju-Lekki and its environment is well suited.

    So let me give you an example of why you should choose Gemstone.

    So imagine getting home in the evening after a hectic day, and now you are relaxing on the sandy shore of the beach, while staring at your beautiful home, in the intimacy of loved ones, a place you feel very safe, enjoying nature in its fullness as the soft and gentle wave of the foamy Beach slowly ripple through your toes in an ecstatic vibration.

    And shortly after, Mr moon hovers over the ocean just to say goodnight and on the shoulders of your loved ones, you stroll into your home for some peaceful rest and beautiful dreams.

    Welcome To THE GEMSTONE Beachfront.

    Now tell me if this is not something you will love to experience full-time.

    We all know how it feels to get home after such a hectic day and all you need is that maximum comfort and fresh natural air.

    After all, it makes living comfortable and easy.


    Smart people figure out areas, where people are moving to, gets there first, and wait…

    But the Smartest people figure out the smartest location in the area where people are moving to, get there first acquire as much as they can, and wait.

    Welcome To The GEMSTONE 2

    The Gemstone estate can Increase your Return on Investment by a whopping 200%, generate millions of Nairas in passive income yearly, and triple your investment funnel overnight.

    Now, wrap your head around these real-life changing Gemstone estate investments;

    • Some of the major ongoing projects in the area include the Lekki Free Trade Zone, Dangote Refinery, Lekki Deep Sea Port, Lekki International Airport, and Eleganza Industries.
    • Imagine your name set out as the owner of these landed properties in the city that will draw people in from all walks of life (Ibeju-Lekki).
    • The smart investors that invest now will see an increase in ROI immediately after the product launch by a whopping 40% in returns.
    • You get the result of good living, applied with a serene environment and tight security which is the pride of the house.
    • Some of the features of the GEMSTONE 2&3 give the property a look of maturity and safety which no other real estate development company can assure or aspire to. some of these features are:
    • For Gemstone 2, the facilities are to be provided by the company.
      • Recreational center
      • Gym facilities
      • Security house
      • Paved roads
      • Drainages
      • Street lights
      • Perimeter fences
      • Good water system

      For Gemstone 3, are as follows:

      • Perimeter fences
      • Street lights
      • Recreational center
      • Swimming pool
      • Gym facilities and many more

    As more people move into Ibeju-Lekki to live or do business, real estate companies like Eystone Development, are helping to fast-track development by facilitating a smooth and seamless land ownership process and offering flexible payment structures.

    Gemstone estates will be part of the development story of Ibeju-Lekki by helping people find their feet here.

    Gemstone 2 and 3 estates are sequels to our sold-out Gemstone estate brand, which continues to attract numerous property investors to the Ibeju-Lekki axis due to our seamless acquisition process and flexible payment structure.

    As a real estate development company that was recently awarded Africa’s most outstanding real estate investment brand in 2022 at the African innovative real estate brand awards, Eystone launched Gemstone 1 estate in August 2021.

    The return on investment at THE GEMSTONE is absolutely mind-blowing.

    This is evident because of the amazing development within the immediate neighborhood of this lovely GEM, coupled with the infrastructural development planned for THE GEM.

    Therefore, It’s no news that properties in this axis yield very high returns, either for commercial or residential purposes, thus making it a gold mine for eagle-eye investors.

    In other words, choosing any of our GEMSTONES is a choice you won’t regret. we make all your investments safe and secure.


    So, if you’re thinking about knowing more about all GEMSTONES

    It’s what we are good at.

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