Why The 700km Lagos To Calabar Highway Is The New Goldmine for Investors

    lagos to calabar highway construction
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    The Lagos to Calabar highway?

    Have you probably wondered why location or distance held you back from buying a property before now?

    Check out this video below…


    For you, distance might feel like a cold shower.

    All of a sudden your dream turns into a cold sweat.

    My question is:

    But what if the perfect opportunity lies miles away?

    The truth is…You are not alone

    Many investors like you crave the security and growth potential of real estate, but distance throws a wrench in their plans.

    The thing is…

    Building equity, generating passive income and watching your portfolio grow – It’s the Investor’s Dream


    Here is the good news…

    According to Punch Ng, the federal government on Thursday said it had begun the construction of the 700km Lagos-Calabar highway.

    The minister further stated that the 700km Highway to be constructed using concrete technology would start from Lagos through the nine coastal routes or states up to Cross Rivers.

    Meaning that it will go through Lagos, the Lekki deep sea port, Ogun, Ondo, Bayelsa, Rivers and Akwa Ibom.

    Interesting, right?

    Here’s why the Lagos to Calabar highway is a game-changer for investors like you looking at the distance barrier….

    Lagos to Calabar highway brings high demand in real estate

    Estates like the Gemstone along the route are poised for explosive growth, increased accessibility will fuel high demand for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

    Unprecedented connectivity

    This highway will slash travel times between major economic hubs, fostering trade, tourism, and overall economic activity.

    This makes business people zip between economic powerhouses…

    Catch more eyeballs

    This coastal route will become a tourist magnet.

    Investors can capitalize on this by developing hotels, resorts, and other related infrastructure.

    Imagine buying the Gemstone Beachfront Estate with easy access to these major highways – Is that not a recipe for success?

    Exposure to a wider market

    With this coastal road, there will be easier access to resources and a wider market.

    Which will fuel a high demand for commercial activities.

    Such as warehouses, logistics hubs, and office spaces.

    The Lagos-Calabar highway is not just a road, it’s a roadmap to future wealth…

    Therefore, be part of the early birds today …