10 Unsafe Places To Buy Properties in Ajah/Lekki Axis Right Now

    unsafe places to buy properties in Ajah/Lekki
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    Unsafe properties in the Lekki/Ajah axis?


    Due to the demolition of houses in Lagos State.

    Potential buyers like you must stay aware of pitfalls like No Valid Government title, questionable certificate of occupancy(CofO), Governor’s consent, and absence of building plans that can deter your investments.

    For this reason…

    You have to investigate the areas before buying land or a house to avoid future propaganda.

    So, here are areas you must investigate before you buy a land or a house in Ajah/Lekki axis…

    Alpha Beach Road(unsafe area for properties)

    The thing is that properties on this axis are sold without title documents.

    Which makes buyers risk their investments.

    If not cautious, risks like imperfect title documents like the Gazette and CofO could lead to a regrettable outcome.

    Ogombo Community

    Unfortunately, buyers who buy land in this area are mainly without Gazette or CofO.

    This makes the community to reassess documents due to the masses of properties sold by developers without proper document titles.


    This area comes with the rapidly dubious landed property sold to buyers.

    With buyers acquiring properties under the Government acquisition or that don’t meet the required standard.

    Sangotedo(behind LBS)

    Areas behind Lagos Business School are flooded with land sale scams including fake Gazette and land sold by Omonile under false accusations.

    Lekki County(Extension)

    There is controversy over CofO and ongoing land-related court cases.

    Buyers often find themselves with unallocated lands and houses with documents that cannot be perfected leading to a complicated issue

    Monarchy road

    Prospective buyers should stay cautious of this axis.

    Because properties are sold with questionable title documents, fraudulent Gazette, and the Governor’s consent.

    This means that many lands in the axis are owned by Oba of Lagos and authorized sales by developers could need serious legal issues.

    Lekki Palm City(Badore)

    There are numerous homes with incomplete documentation.

    Which could be a major concern to prospective buyers.

    Ikota Axis

    Of course…

    This area have homes with incomplete title documents and as well as lacks of building plan approvals.

    Orchid Road

    This area has properties without Government building plans too.

    Some constructed buildings in Canaan could lead to Government demolition.

    Chevron Extension

    There are many properties with fraudulent Governor’s consent.

    Plus widespread legal-related issues.