11 Reasons Why Property Investment isn’t Dead Yet

    why property investment isn't dead yet
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    If you’ve been watching the news lately, you might be worried about the state of property investment.


    And the reason is that…

    Unemployment is high, and many people have lost their savings in the stock market crash.

    And to think of it…

    Here is what people are saying about the stock market…


    But does this mean that investing in property is dead?

    Of course not!

    In fact, there are plenty of reasons why we should still be investing in properties right now.

    Here are 11 reasons why investors should keep on buying property investments:

    • Investors are still keen to buy property investment
    • Property is one of the safest investment
    • High demands in growth
    • Rents are rising
    • Demand for housing is increasing
    • The average household is falling
    • It’s becoming a strong market
    • More stock options to buy than before
    • It’s easier than ever before to buy property
    • New competition means more choices for investors and buyers
    • Property investment is still a popular choice despite changes in the market

    Investors are still keen to buy property investment

    Property is still a good investment and still on the good watch of many investors today.

    Property prices are still rising and the returns are still great for any property portfolio…

    If you’re looking for an easy way to grow your money and secure some great returns, buying a property is one of the best options.

    In fact:

    It’s also one of the most stable investments around.

    And statistics don’t lie…

    In fact, in some countries like Australia and New Zealand, it’s illegal not to sell your home if you move overseas.

    This means that when you buy it at auction(which happens all over Australia every day), you know exactly what value you’ll get when selling it again later on down the line.


    According to Northcourtrealestate,  prices in leading cities in Nigeria for land and residential apartments have moved up.

    Studios, 1 and 2 beds are now a staple of the average portfolio. second-tier cities have not been too far behind with developers launching small-sized gated communities.


    Property is one of the safest ways to invest

    For investors, the property is one of the safest ways to invest.

    Property prices have always gone up and it’s a good way to diversify your portfolio.

    Property is also considered one of the most secure investments as you can live in it for years and still make money from it if you want to sell it when you’re ready.

    To even shock you, your favorite celebrities are cashing in with property investment…

    property investment

    The property market is continuing to grow

    • Nigeria has a growing population and an increasing number of young people, who need accommodation. This means that there will be strong demand for new homes in the coming years, which will keep prices high.

    Rents are rising

    Rents are rising.

    According to Vanguard, It was reported that 85 percent of Nigeria’s urban population lived in rented accommodation in 2010, devoting more than 40 percent of their income to rent.

    Not only that.

    According to UN statistics, the urban population of Nigeria constituted 48 per cent of the country’s population in 2009.

    This indicates that 73.92 million Nigerians out of the estimated total population of 154 million people live in urban centers. And of this figure, 62.93 million (representing 85 per cent) live in rented houses across the country.

    In fact:

    The average rent in Australia rose 3.2% over the past 12 months, and rents now account for more than half of household income (55%).

    In fact, according to CoreLogic’s latest Global House Price Monitor Report, house prices have been growing faster than rents since 2011.

    This trend is expected to continue as the supply of properties available for sale falls; however, it’s important not to get too caught up in this rise alone as there are many other factors affecting rents such as population growth and interest rates

    Demand for housing is increasing

    The number of people living in Nigeria has increased by more than 20 million since 2000, and we can expect this trend to continue for decades to come.

    This means that there will be more demand for housing than ever before.

    It’s also worth noting that population growth tends to be faster in cities than in rural regions, so you may want to consider investing in areas with greater population density if you want your property investments to make money over time.

    The average household size is falling

    Why is the average size of a household falling?

    The answer is that

    More people are living alone or in smaller households.

    This can be attributed to changes in demographics, such as an increased number of single-person households and older people who have lived through their children having families of their own.

    According to a Twitter user,

    As these trends continue, it’s likely we’ll see more single-person households as well as aging populations who want to downsize before they retire or move out into care homes.

    Real estate will always be a strong market

    Nigeria’s most profitable city(Lagos) is already attracting a large number of workers, who tend to be high-income earners and have disposable income due to their jobs in the City.

    As well as this, it also has a high population density which means there’s plenty of demand for rental properties in areas such as Lekki and potential areas like Ibeju Lekki and Epe.

    Lagos is also home to many multinational companies such as the Dangote refinery, and shopping malls, telecommunication.

    Meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for tenants at all levels from private individuals with small businesses to upmarket professionals working within these organizations’ offices through down-market workers working low-level jobs in local shops near where they live/work.

    There are more stock options now than ever before

    There are more options for investors, buyers, and tenants than ever before.

    Although, the market is more competitive than ever before.

    The number of stock options available has grown from a handful to an average of 300 per company in the past five years alone.

    And this doesn’t include the hundreds more companies that offer restricted shares or “private placements” for accredited investors only(i.e., wealthy individuals).

    The ability to buy into private companies at very early stages is also becoming increasingly popular among some entrepreneurs looking to raise capital without having to go public with their idea first.

    Investors now have access to more investment opportunities than ever before thanks largely due technologies like crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter where anyone can start funding projects online.

    Or online marketplaces like Airbnb where people rent out their homes; peer-to-peer lending platforms such as Lending Club which allow borrowers with bad credit histories to access funds through private lenders.

    And who typically charge much lower interest rates than traditional banks do; peer-to-peer rental websites such as Airbnb where people turn unused rooms into extra income streams through renting them out over weekends/holidays etcetera…

    It’s easier than ever to buy a property

    Buying property is now easier than ever.

    You can buy online, and use online mortgage brokers to find the best mortgage for you.

    The property market is more transparent than ever before, so you can compare properties with ease without having to visit agents or scroll through estate agents or real estate company websites.

    For instance,

    At eystone, we are dedicated entirely to helping buyers make informed decisions about their next property purchase.

    First, we educate our buyers about what they need to know about property types and which one fits in their property investment portfolio…

    New competition means more choices for buyers and investors.

    The property market is a competitive one, with many investors competing for a limited number of properties.

    This means that there are more choices available to both buyers and investors.

    For example, if you’re an investor looking for a rental property in your area then you may be able to find something cheaper than what the owner originally wanted to sell it for because there are other potential buyers who would like this type of investment as well(and maybe even better).

    This means that now both parties benefit from each other-the buyer gets good value for their money when they pay less than what was originally advertised; meanwhile, the seller gets more money from selling at its full value rather than just selling it off cheap because another person wanted it!

    Property investment is still popular, despite the changes in the market.

    The property market is continuing to grow, with rents rising and demand for housing increases.

    This means more people would want to invest in real estate.

    There are also many reasons why property investment remains popular:

    • Renting out a house can be profitable if you choose the right location and tenant, while investing in the land may not be as lucrative because it’s less liquid than other forms of investments(such as shares).
    • Property owners often need to pay off their mortgage during their lifetime before they die; however, if you sell your house at an appropriate time then there may be some capital gains tax relief available when you buy another property later down the line!

    Despite the changes in the market and investors’ concerns regarding returns and market crashes, property investment remains a popular way to invest your money.

    There are several reasons why this is so.

    Firstly, it provides a more stable source of income than shares or other investments that fluctuate greatly in value over time.

    But more importantly, property investment can provide long-term benefits such as tax-free growth potential and rental returns which keep investors happy for years to come.

    What’s more?

    There are no barriers to entry; anyone who has enough money can buy their own home or land(or part of one) at any time!