why invest in eystone investment
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    Do you probably think choosing Eystone is all about investing, right?… Eystone investment has an unrivaled national portfolio of developments.

    These include off-plan and new-build buy-to-let investment opportunities in the best-performing locations for returns.

    Our extensive track record and our exclusive partnerships allow us to present our clients with high-performing investments that traditionally would only be available to institutional investors and funds.

    Before we launch a new development.

    We undertake extensive due diligence to ensure our clients can invest with utmost confidence.

    We balance a regional focus with a national outlook, working with investors to meet their individual needs.

    Eystone Investment is dedicated to providing clients with access to income-generating land investment opportunities that offer a reliable and robust income stream.

    Whether you are just starting or expanding your portfolio.

    Our team of land experts is available to discuss your requirements and provide information on fully managed investments.

    Eystone investment has a high tangible asset value.

    There will always be value in your land, and value in your home.

    Other investments can leave you with little to no tangible asset value such as a stock that can dip to zero, or a new car that decreases in value over time.

    Homeowners insurance will protect your investment in real estate.

    So be sure to get the best policy available so your asset is protected in the worst-case scenario.

    Real estate values will always increase over time.

    History continues to prove that the longer you hold onto your real estate, the more money you will make.

    The housing market has always recovered from past bubbles that caused home appreciation to slip, and for those

    Who held on to their investments during those uncertain times, prices have returned to normal, and appreciation is back on track.

    Now, real estate investors in the top-performing markets are enjoying a windfall.

    In fact, this past year.

    Every state in the nation had a positive appreciation.

    And some of my clients all around the world in the real estate market have made millions of dollars and nairas in less than a year from flipping.

    An investment in real estate can also diversify your portfolio.

    If you’ve ever spoken to a financial planner about investing, then you are very aware of the importance of diversification.

    When you diversify your portfolio, you spread out the risk.

    Real estate will always serve as a safe tangible asset to mitigate the risk in your portfolio.

    Many have amassed wealth by solely investing in real estate.

    An investment in real estate is not only safe financial investment.

    It is also an investment that can provide years of fun, happiness, and priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

    That is why in choosing Eystone investment.

    We will help you understand real estate and how safe it is as an Asset.

    It Can Be an Alternative Means of Saving for a College Education – Eystone investment

    Real estate investing can be an alternative vehicle for college savings.

    It is recommended that young families invest in the purchase of one property for each child they believe will attend college.

    The property can be financed with a 15-year mortgage, thus being paid off prior to the child’s 18th birthday.

    It allows families to actively save through the renters’ payments.

    When the property is paid off, they can either sell or continue to use it as a source of cash flow.

    In choosing Eystone investment – You Can Help Provide a Home for Others.

    One overlooked benefit of real estate investing, specifically residential real estate, is the pride in helping provide a home for others.

    Everyone needs a roof over their head, but not everyone has the upfront resources to purchase a home.

    Making renting the only other option for them.

    We often hear about landlords shirking their responsibilities and making living conditions downright nightmarish for some tenants.

    By investing in residential real estate, not only are you helping house a family.

    But you’re ensuring that the family is housed in safe, healthy, clean, and fair conditions.

    Last but not least,  investing with Eystone comes with numerous tax benefits.

    You can get tax deductions on mortgage interest, cash flow from investment properties, operating expenses and costs, property taxes, insurance and depreciation.

    (even if the property gains value), and other benefits.

    The end of the year is a very busy time for real estate because people want to take advantage of the numerous tax benefits before the end of the year!

    So imagine choosing and working alongside the best real estate company which is Eystone investment.

    Not only do we help you secure and gain value for your investment, but we also help you take advantage of the numerous benefits.



    Dedication to delivering exceptional service is at the core of our commitment to our clients.

    We love what we do, every essence of it, from the possibility of an unimaginable outcome to the fine details of deal-structuring.

    We live and breathe real estate –  Eystone investment

    So choosing Eystone investment is a choice you won’t regret. we make all your investments safe and secure.