Real Estate Basics for Beginners – All You Need To Know

    real estate basics for beginners
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    This article explains the ways you can invest in real estate, which is worth investing in today.

    In fact:

    Investing in real estate has become a hotbed for real estate investors. The rental returns on the property are among the highest investment returns in the world.

    One of the reasons that investing in real estate is highly profitable is the long-term passive returns.

    I bet that when you hear “real estate investment” you think about flipping businesses, rentals, and buy and hold.


    But, real estate investment has gone far longer than that.

    And why?

    It’s that simple.

    Because property investment is all about “value to living” and humans have flipped, rented, and held a property for as long as the earth exists.

    Our attention will not always go to those who invented real estate on earth.

    That’s because real estate has existed before the world does.

    The question is:

    Is investing in real property a good idea?

    Or in a better version…

    Is real estate the future of passive wealth?

    Let’s see some quick facts…

    How do investors see real estate investment?

    To understand that…

    For instance, take Dubai.

    In fact:

    The number of Arab investors that use Dubai as part of their investment hub is 6,097 investors.

    With a record of 7,538 investments, values exceeding, AED 12.4 billion.

    And Dubai’s real estate sector also attracted 38,318 foreign investors, with a record of 51,553 new investments with over AED 99 billion.

    And with our marketing analysis, over 40% of foreign investors say that they now prefer Dubai real estate over any other country in the world.

    That’s crazy, right?

    But, there’s a big shock and that is.

    Other countries are starting to kick in and now investors are investing big in these states.

    So, if you want to get started with investing in real estate or double up your wealth, I think you’ll like this super guide.

    Does real property produce the best return on investment?

    Of course, yes.

    Let’s take a look at what investing in real estate means now in terms of return on investment.

    When you invest in real estate, it means that you already building a long-term strategy that focuses on building massive wealth.

    Eventually, when you invest strategically, your return on investment already lies with you and your marketing shows that you actually care about your buyers.

    Doing this, the result is that consumers will purchase your property and prefer it over competitors’ options.

    As we know, a lot has changed in terms of infrastructure that one would expect from a world-class industry hub.

    In the United States, the average home is worth $3.5 million; the average Florida property is worth $1.5 million.

    Investing in real estate is a basic concept in economics and finance.

    The term refers to the purchase price of real estate, the costs of the real estate itself, and the income you receive from it.

    Or simply put:

    Real estate is the most basic type of investment because it is a market, not an asset. Investments are often used to make money that you can invest in any future years.

    Because of this, real estate companies introduced easy payment plans that serve as free access for investors to pay either installmentally or in full.

    And we can deny the fact that a lot has changed and what you see back in the 90s won’t necessarily work today.

    With the new house structure, development hubs, and commercial real estate, popping up almost daily, the opportunity is knocking.

    Today, more than ever before, investors want to invest where people care about…

    To get that done, you’ve to invest in the most strategic locations in order to see great returns.

    Check this article out – How to invest in land

    Come up with a strategic planning

    The world is moving into renting and property development hubs more than ever before and good living is our most valuable resource.

    And that’s right…

    Because good living has changed over the years, the attention of people stretches to more beautiful places than a few years ago.

    Investors have to make sure that they come up with a strategic plan such as a property portfolio(what you intend to do with your investment) in order to see great returns.

    The best way to learn how to become a great investor is by setting up your unique selling point.

    Because tons of real estate investments exist today.

    At the beginning of the real estate world, that wasn’t the case.

    At one time, investors had a few options.

    They essentially only had the buy-and-hold options.

    Even in those days, they had only a few varieties of options.

    But, today, more real estate investment mediums and hubs exist in the history of the world.

    That means that the number of opportunities is steadily increasing.

    And the real estate industry has taken the world by surprise.

    If we cast our minds back to 1965, and according to CNBC,

    • Historically high home prices are shutting many would-be buyers out of the housing market.
    • At the same time, homeownership is a key way to build wealth.

    Over 50 years, the difference is even more striking. After accounting for inflation, home prices have jumped 118% since 1965, while income has only increased by 15%, according to a separate report by online brokerage Clever Real Estate, based on Census data.

    Or take Dubai real estate.

    Dubai was a cluster of small settlements with less than 100,000 residents.

    However, today, Dubai is a global hub for businesses and innovations and it boasts of home over 10 million residents according to propertyinvestment.

    One of the most important factors in the real estate business is cost-effectiveness.

    When there’s a high-cost acquisition, there are going to be a few investors and buyers.

    But, the good news is.

    You can change your strategic plans by lowering the cost of acquisition as compared to other competitors.

    On the other hand, the rental property also plays a vital role in determining the worth of the real estate business.

    Some best-performing locations can generate up to 30% yield in returns in 6 months.

    Does investing in a home property really worth it?

    In today’s economy, a home is the most essential investment.

    As you can see, the cost of a home is just like any other investment. However, owning a home is not only an investment, it is also a lifestyle and a source of pride.

    And we have 3 ways you can invest in real estate.

    • First is a short sale
    • The second is a foreclosure

    For sure, if you want to see the most desired result.

    The best bet is that you go for vacant land that is not being used for farming or construction, urban land that has high-quality infrastructure.

    (When done right) you are likely to see your returns in 2 years.

    Okay. Let me draw your attention to this.

    Real estate is a liquid asset and it is worth more nowadays than it ever has been.

    Liquid real estate is real estate that is not tied up in a contract, a mortgage, or a lease. It is usually a good investment because you can sell it quickly, and then rent it out again.

    An important step in the liquidation process is to begin to sell off the real estate you already own. This will reduce the amount of money you need to have available to pay for your mortgage and your other debts.

    If you have a house and you haven’t spent a dime on it, that house is not liquid.

    Foreclosures are the most common method of liquidation. A foreclosure is a piece of property that is not allowed to be sold but is placed into a foreclosure sale.

    When you are considering foreclosure, you are considering a foreclosure on the house you own, or on a house that you own on a mortgage.

    Foreclosure real estate is real estate that has been foreclosed on by the owner. The foreclosure real estate is often sold to investors and it is sold at a high price.

    In this case, you can either buy a home property and rent it out or flip the same house for a higher profit.

    Final thoughts

    Your investment should outline your pride and security and there are endless reasons that investing in real estate is the best way to achieve this.

    So, if you are a new or beginner in real estate, now I believe you already know the basics of real estate investment.

    If you are trying to invest in real estate my team will be willing to do just that for you.