Lagos-Calabar Coastal Road – Only Permanent Property Owners Will Be Compensated

    Lagos-Calabar coastal road
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    With thousands of properties ready to be demolished along the Lagos-Calabar coastal road.

    This prompted me to ask a question:

    Will property worth billions of Naira stand a chance?

    For instance, let’s take a look at the Landmark Beach

    There has been controversy in the news lately…

    According to the CEO of Landmark Beach, he received a notification that his multi-million dollar beach resort would soon be demolished and that he had seven days to leave.

    According to him, the landmark beach, which is valued at more than $200 million, directly supports over 4000 jobs and is home to more than 80 enterprises.

    He further stated that the demolition would displace thousands of workers and destroy a valuable tourist destination.

    This led him to a public cry and intervention.

    Here is the breakthrough

    Recently, the minister of works added that the coastal road project aimed to link Lagos-Calabar will not result in the demolition of the landmark beach.

    Also, it won’t result in job losses.

    But, how about other property owners?

    Here is the good news…

    According to the federal government,

    Just only individuals with permanent structures will receive compensation during the demolition process…

    So then…

    Why should you care about the Lagos-Calabar coastal road?

    The ongoing Lagos-Calabar coastal road is predicted to draw tourists, businesses, water transportation, factories, hotels and real estate development.

    Which is estimated to give 200% returns on investment.

    Not just that…

    Since the coastal project is feasible and positioned to connect to states and stretch to the eastern and southern parts of the country.

    It will help both commercial and residential properties catch more eyeballs and overall contribute to economic growth.

    Imagine buying one of the Gemstone Beachfront Estates with easy access to these major highways – Is that not a good investment portfolio?

    The good news is…

    The Gemstone Estates are still selling