Why SEO Is The Next Big Thing in the Real Estate Industry

    SEO in the real estate industry
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    If you look at consumer behavior, it paints a very grim future for how marketers should use search engine optimization(SEO) to make changes in the content marketing game.

    Just look at the recent behaviors of consumers.

    We are seeing massive success on the millennial front.

    For example, there has been massive success in the demographic 25-35 in terms of home purchases, land investment, and more.

    And it’s even great for millennials.

    Their average purchase power per property has grown to 45% compared to 25% in previous years.

    We noticed that the majority of the millennials were found by referrals, Facebook ads, family members, close friends, and partially Google ads.

    With Facebook and Instagram ads becoming the most preferred channel for marketing.

    In short, Some realtors or real estate agents stated that their conversion mainly comes from Facebook advertising, which is higher than most predicted marketing channels.

    While some real estate marketers had a similar story to the other online channels.

    And it’s no exaggeration.

    • Marketers that spend on Google ads and SEO see an increase of 50% leads than marketers that don’t.

    With the prediction that Facebook ads may suck and go off to bed, now it’s time to start looking at other marketing channels to drive quality leads.

    See this.

    According to Search engine journal, Meta’s latest earnings report reveals the company’s first-ever year-over-year decline in advertising revenue, signaling a downward trend that it expects to continue.

    The Q2 2022 earnings report from Meta marks the end of its decade-long streak of ad revenue growth.

    If you may think about any other channels, the next marketing channel that comes into your mind, maybe Instagram ads.


    Aside Facebook…

    Because that is the alternative channel that most real estate marketers use that drives massive traffic and converts leads into their sales funnel.

    Not bad though.

    Probably you don’t know there are several channels like:

    • Google ads
    • Google discover
    • SEO
    • Google Assistant

    That will help you get additional quality traffic and help you boost your visibility in front of consumers.

    Since it’s all about consumer behavior, how these behaviors are changing and how real estate marketers can adapt quickly to these changes.

    That said.

    I’ll talk about one marketing channel that no one else is talking about in the industry.

    Guess what!

    You have probably heard about it.

    Funny enough, this marketing channel is free, it’s just the unpaid version of the Google ads(paid version).

    The good news is that you can start to generate free and consistent traffic to your site without paying a dime.


    SEO is becoming the next game changer for real estate marketers

    Don’t you hate how it takes forever to pay every time you need to generate new traffic or leads to your site?

    Some realtors said that it takes 10,000 Naira to get started with Facebook ads in some cases 50,000 Naira to see reliable results.

    Well, I’ve some good news for you.

    The truth is, you don’t need to pay a dime to get started with Search engine optimization(SEO).

    There are already free plugins that you can just get started with.

    But, there’s some bad news.

    SEO is a long-term investment.

    It’s not about doing it for a few months and forgetting about it.

    To get that visibility and higher rankings in the search results you don’t have to think of stopping soon. but this article about real estate SEO would do you some help.

    If you do, if you stop focusing on it eventually your niche competitor will outrank you.

    Just look at sites like Eystone.


    They are gradually dominating the web and it’s a site with just 70 informative articles.

    And look at their traffic.

    seo for keywords

    Yet, you can’t compare it with sites like Investopedia which gets roughly 100,000 plus thousands of visitors a month on Google.

    And they rank for some great terms.

    Just look at the screenshot below…

    Investopedia is ranking for high volume keywords like “Real estate”, “Real estate investment”…

    What makes sense is…

    These sites are getting directly in front of their target audience.

    Take a look at this,

    In the screenshot below, you can see that they are several keywords pointing to this single page.

    Of course, yes.

    These are keywords consumers are searching on a daily basis.

    And this exact page is ranking for over 1k keywords.

    This means if you optimize your content well, a single page can generate over 10k monthly traffic for your site.

    For example, let’s say I use Semrush for keyword research

    You can see that the keyword ‘real estate investment’ is generating 2.9k searchers in Nigeria alone per month.

    That’s how great it is when you are doing SEO with your site.

    Here’s what Priceonomics said about Zillow’s dominance in search,

    Zillow’s business model is straightforward: They connect people looking to buy houses with real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and advertisers who want to reach them.

    In this most recent quarter, 74% of Zillow’s revenue comes from fees agents pay for customer leads and apartment leads, 8% comes from fees banks pay for mortgage leads, and 18% comes from advertising.

    They’ve also recently started connecting renters with apartment listings, and homeowners with design ideas and contractors.

    In order to make their business model work, Zillow needs to attract visitors to their site who are interested in buying houses.

    Google is a huge source of this kind of traffic, as millions of people make their purchase intent known every day by typing searches like “buy a new house” into the search engine.

    Since Priceonomics Data Services analyzes the SEO(search engine optimization) risk of publicly traded companies for our hedge fund customers, we thought we’d take a look at how well Zillow ranks for real estate-related keywords.

    The answer: Zillow does very very well in ranking at the top of Google for some extraordinarily lucrative keyword searches.

    The Data

    Zillow does not disclose the amount of traffic they receive from Google, which is a shame because it’s likely a metric that would help investors to assess the company.

    When asked, a Zillow representative said they don’t make this number available for “competitive reasons.”

    We decided to look at the top 100 real estate markets in the United States, and see how Zillow does in three subcategories related to 1) home buying, 2) mortgage lending, and 3) apartment hunting. Our index of search terms included entries like “Atlanta real estate”, “Atlanta mortgage”, and “Atlanta apartments.”

    We derived these terms by looking at the webpage titles used by Zillow and competitors to approximate the kind of searches they’re targeting.


    For the general, home-buying keywords (e.g. “Atlanta real estate”), Zillow.com ranks first 53% of the time, walloping their nearest competitor Realtor.com, as well as the third place company, Trulia (which Zillow is in the process of acquiring).


    With SEO you can optimize your site to show in front of your potential buyers.

    And drive consistent traffic without having to break the bank.