Schema for Real Estate – How To Implement It

    how to implement schema for real estate
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    Chances are that you already heard about schema for real estate.


    The truth is:

    Schema is everywhere, you just don’t know it.

    …A shortcode snippet that Google uses to understand web pages on the web.

    Let me show you a quick preview.

    Similar to how you see recipe products and top stories work.

    schema for real estate1

    If you mainly use Google on your laptop or mobile phone, chances are that you have already seen it.

    Here’s what it looks like across all devices, especially for FAQ schema.

    how to implement schema for real estate website

    Tapping one of these schemas whether you probably launch it for your real estate listings, local business, FAQ, product reviews, e.t.c

    You are probably sending some signals to Google that your pages need attention, come check the new updates.

    In fact:

    …Using schema is just a good piece in the eyes of Google and potential customers.

    Because it provides in-depth meaning to the context of your pages.

    With some additional rich snippets, the overall results make it rich enough that eventually pull strangers to click on your site fast.

    And recent research shows that implementing a schema for your site can improve the chances of your click-through rate in the search results.

    Keep in mind.

    Using schema for real estate websites is only helpful for higher click-through-rate and Google understanding of the context on your page.

    But if you think schema can have some direct impact on your rankings.

    I’ll likely say it’s not going to some good in that aspect.

    For sure, implementing a schema for your real estate site or listings can impact your rankings indirectly.

    And how did I know?

    Because, if your click-through rate increases, you get more votes and chances are that Google will rank your real estate site higher in the search results.

    And if you are wondering why you are seeing certain cards that others may not have it’s because those sites with rich cards are doing what 99% aren’t doing.

    how to add schema for my real estate listings

    And that’s, they implement schema for their pages and property listings.

    So, in this guide, you’re going to see how to implement schema for real estate sites in a simple step-by-step process.

    And also, how you can use schema to improve your click-through rate in the search result lists.

    So, let’s dive in.

    How to implement schema for investors or real estate agents – 5 tips

    • Create a website(preferably WordPress)
    • Download a plugin
    • Find a real estate keyword with a rich result snippet
    • Implement schema to your exact desired page
    • Test the rich results on the page

    What is Schema for real estate?

    Schema for real estate, real estate agents, or investors is just a short code snippet that Google uses to understand your web pages in-depth.

    In fact:

    This is the exact same method that I used for this post. real estate agent – why should I hire before buying a property?

    schema for real estate agent

    Okay, that said.

    Now, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can properly implement schema for your real estate site.


    Create a website(preferably WordPress)

    Now it’s time to see how you can implement schema also named structured data.

    To do that.

    First, you need to create a new website.

    Preferably, a WordPress site.

    …And if you already have one, great!

    …In case, you don’t.

    You’ll need to hire a website designer to scrap that up for you.

    The next step is…

    Download a plugin

    For instance:

    … There are a lot of schema plugins out there but how would you know which one to use?

    That’s why I recommend you to stick to this guide.

    The good news is.

    You don’t need to be a professional web developer or a code technician.

    I’ve made it really simple so that you can easily catch up quickly and fast.

    So, what exactly is this plugin?

    To start with:

    Go over to your WordPress back-end.

    Click on the plugin section, and click add new.

    schema for investors

    Here’s what you see.

    …After all, head over to the search tab, and type “schema”

    Here’s the result you get.

    …click on the plugin schema & structured data, and click to install and activate the plugin.

    After that, you’ll see a new tab like the one in the screenshot below:

    …You have to click on the schema types, and then add new schema types.

    The plugin will show you various types of schema you can implement for your real estate website.

    For the accommodation schema, we have:

    • Apartment schema
    • House schema
    • Hotel room schema
    • Single-family schema

    how to implement schema

    In the case, of creative works, we have:

    • Article
    • Blog posting
    • Audiobook
    • How To
    • FAQ
    • Image object
    • Organization
    • Product
    • Review
    • Person
    • Book
    • Rent
    • Event schema

    Whatever schema that you intend to use, you have them free in this structured data.

    But, be careful not to over-optimize them.

    The reason why is that Google might penalize you for doing so.

    Just make sure that if you use a schema code, make sure it fits properly well to the page.

    This way, Google will have a better understanding of the intent behind the web page or listing page.

    The next step is:

    Find a real estate keyword with rich results

    The fact is.

    You may probably be wondering if you can easily implement schema for every keyword you want your real estate site to rank for or your property listings to appear for.

    The bad news is.

    Google doesn’t show rich results for every keyword in the search result lists, Google mainly shows it if only they feel is relevant.

    For example,

    If you take a look at this screenshot below:

    …You’ll see that no structured data was implemented.


    What about this?

    …You can easily see that this real estate listing has a schema just to steal more real estate in the search result lists.

    So if you are wondering how you can best use it.

    Here’s a quick guide.

    …If you are running a blog on your real estate website, I’ll advise that you go for blog posting schema.

    But, in the case, whereby you want to run news for your real estate site, your best bet might be that you implement a news schema.

    If you do that, chances are that your site will appear in Google products like google carousel, google discover, google news and more.

    …For real estate listings, in order to attract investors in the search result.

    You can either implement an apartment schema or a product schema.

    Using either one, you can see your desired results.

    Implement schema to your desired page

    Now it’s time to implement schema for real estate in order to steal more space in the search result lists.

    To get started.

    First, you’ll have to activate the schema you chose to use.

    Let’s say, you want to go for FAQ schema.

    This way, go over the FAQ tab and then click it.

    After that, click on the Next button and choose post equal to post.

    Then, click Next, and you are good to go.

    So, the next process is.

    You’ve to implement it on your post or page.

    To do that, go over to the post you want to implement it on.

    …click on the modify FAQ.

    faq schema

    After that, click on add FAQ question.

    The next screen will show you the question and answer tab.

    In this section, type your question and drop down the answer in the box.

    #pro tips

    Make sure that you have a minimum of two questions and answers because Google recommends it.

    Not just that, make sure the questions are relevant to the content of the page.

    Test the rich results on the page.

    To do this.

    Enter – Google

    … Type-rich result test

    After doing that, paste the exact web page URL on the space to generate rich results.

    The reason that you’re doing this is that you have to know if the FAQ schema is correctly implemented.

    So, paste the URL of the page.

    It’s either you use a URL or a code to check.

    …Doing that, you can test and see the preview of what it looks like.

    And you get:

    And here’s the overall preview:


    Now that you know all about implementing a schema for real estate investors.

    It’s important that you know that not every keyword Google show with rich results.

    That way, the only way you can get the best results is to do proper keyword research at scale…

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