Real Estate Agent – Why Should I Hire Before Buying a Property?

    how to hire a real estate agent
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    Are you buying a home or land? Do you still hunt for property to buy? well, chances are you either buy from a real estate agent or a real estate company.


    …That’s right

    If you’re buying a property yourself, you can choose between a real estate agent or an agency.

    Even though there are pros and cons but one of the pros is that you can choose your own broker and you can also negotiate the terms of the contract.

    While there are similarities, buying property from a real estate agent requires a background check and biographical history reports.

    In fact:

    Eystone team did a fantastic job here stating that:

    how to use a real estate agent to buy a property

    • 40% of real estate buyers use a real estate agent or realtor to sell or buy a property

    And guess what.

    Many of today’s successful real estate professionals are estate agents.

    And similar reports done by the eystone team show that many people still prefer to use real estate agents as it is more of a professional service.

    Also stating that using a real estate agent will help buyers to have a real and complete quote.

    But the cost will be different for each property.

    In other words,

    A real estate agent may perform a variety of functions in order to sell and one of these functions may be knowing the real estate buyers and sellers and finding that unique combination of information.

    The fact is:

    …Real estate agents have succeeded in areas such as:

    1. House
    2. Hunting
    3. Homeownership
    4. Land property
    5. Selling a property for a profit

    And these agents may have a number of different skills, experiences, and qualifications.

    Yet, you can’t still undermine their qualities:

    • Being able to communicate with buyers and sellers effectively
    • Be prepared to deal with different personalities

    Real estate company, on the other hand:

    But, in a simpler version,

    Real estate companies, like banks, are designed to meet the needs of individual investors.

    As we know, buying real estate is not for the faint of heart.

    We tend to be intimidated by the whole process and do not do well when faced with difficult dilemmas.

    However, we are in a position to make sure we are acting ethically with our money.

    The fact is:

    …The process of buying real estate is becoming even more complicated.

    As it is:

    There are many things to consider from the buyer’s standpoint.


    • Location
    • Returns

    And many more.

    But, one of the most important factors among real estate buyers is the price of the property.

    If the cost of the property is too high, it can be discouraging for the buyers.

    That’s why you will need the service of a real estate company.

    As they will help you work on your budget.

    The amazing fact is:

    I find real estate companies very friendly and courteous

    With eystone recent data, real estate investors are beginning to trust real estate companies too.

    real estate company analysis

    • 22% of home and land buyers are using real estate companies to help them make decisions about what property to buy


    • 90% of real estate buyers report that real estate companies have helped them know the right market to invest in

    So, who exactly is a real estate agent?

    A real estate agent is a professional who provides a service by which the buyer or seller of a house can be assisted in their purchase or sale.

    In a simpler version,

    A real estate agent is a person who is charged with finding a suitable buyer for a property.

    …The role of the agent is to find a buyer for a property.

    Just as the concept of the agent is very much dependent on the industry, the industry is totally dependent on the real estate agent.

    An important piece is that:

    Real estate agents are often cited as being the only people capable of giving sellers the best price.

    This way, you can choose to work with a real estate agent in order to obtain a better price.

    Now, let’s dive into what brings you here.

    Because you are going to see every single detail about why you should consider a real estate agent for your property or not.

    And probably a bit brush up about you considering a real estate company too.


    So, let’s dig through it.

    As a single individual investor, you can build a huge portfolio from real estate, when you exactly know how to strike the right deal.

    If you’re a first-time buyer, you should never leave the decision of choosing your home up to chance or a family and friend’s referral.

    My advice will likely be that you seek an expert opinion.

    When you find an area you favor, find a real estate agent to help you find the house or land that suits your need.

    If you try out this advice, the result will be exactly you know what you need that will help you to have an idea of what to expect from the agent.

    Whether you just decide to buy your first property, it’s advisable that you come up with a checklist of what needs the property has to fulfill to qualify as the home or land of your dreams.

    Sometimes, it can be hard to come up with a good script that’ll make your portfolio stand out.

    But, don’t worry.

    Whether you are looking to buy a home or rent a commercial property, chances are that acquiring basic knowledge brings you to the perfection of your market.

    Since you won’t go against the purpose you have in mind.

    First of all,

    If you’re to hire an agent.

    There’s no gamble if you can come up with a list of questions.

    This is where investors try to create valuable assets for potential future opportunities.

    This is exactly a sweet version of real estate marketing where you mostly try to guilt your investment into greater returns.

    So, it’s no bad idea when you come up with anyone in mind.

    But, I’ve listed out some questions that may help you ease the heavy lifting of the whole process.

    Here are the questions to ask your real estate agent before buying a property:

    • How the area operates and what policies exist in the neighborhood will help you gain insight if the area is suitable for what needs you have in mind.
    • Pollution problem – This is where our attention isn’t focused, we forget our surroundings and thereby focus on how attractive the property is. You can already guess how big is the risk, sometimes, it can be really messy. As in, you just imagine buying property in an area with such issues. You mostly consider that as it will greatly affect your living experience, then you have to stay careful.
    • Traffic situation of the area – Similar to every other problem, this one might get a bit very frustrating. I guess, yes. Just think about going home after a stressful day and you get stuck in unmoving traffic. That’s a quick nightmare. Considering if you don’t want to be caught up in that stress. The best bet? it’s going to be that you ask the necessary questions possible.
    • Security level – This is what makes up the pride of a home. If you do some diligent finding with an agent. That possibly means that you don’t have to stay awake each day trying to protect your property or watch over your family. The best option? is when you find out how good security is around the area and the estate itself.
    • Quality of property – If you are buying an already built and furnished house, find out if the foundation, roofing, and electrical wiring are properly fixed in order to avoid having to redo the whole building process. As you know, that might be costly and it’s frustrating when you spend on something outside your expected budget.
    • Documents required to complete the transaction – If you’re to close a purchase, chances are you need to get accurate information about every document needed for the property to be transferred to you. The reason? this will help you avoid any unplanned lawsuits or future propaganda.

    Now, you already know that is big stress this will take off your neck, if you already have proper questions to ask, freely free to go ahead to ask.

    Because the whole process can help you save time, and stress, and save your future.

    Now that you already know the questions to come up with.

    The next process is:

    You can now begin the hunt for an agent to help you with expert insights on property ownership.

    Note: in real estate, we have two sets of agents:

    Name it.

    • The buyer’s agent
    • The listing agent

    The buyer’s agent

    If you are wondering what this possibly means.

    I’ll explain.

    A buyer’s agent works with the person looking to buy a property.

    The most interesting part is that:

    …He finds properties in line with the specifications made by the buyer.

    While there’s,

    Listing agent

    What listing agents mostly do is that:

    They have many property owners they work with and these owners have properties available for sale on the market.

    Instead, they assist in helping them find prospective buyers for the property at the price they are willing to sell for.

    You may be wondering, where do they get their profit from?

    …It’s simple

    Both agent type gets their profit from commission from selling off properties.

    In other words,

    You can likely say, a real estate agent can be both a buyer’s agent or a listing agent.

    The great piece of all is that:

    Either one doesn’t affect workflow or productivity, rather it is an added advantage allowing the agent to have more coverage.

    The next step is,

    What are the precautions to take before choosing an agent?

    If you are to pick an estate agent.


    You need to ensure you’re not going blindly into the selection process.

    Especially when choosing your real estate professional on property needs.

    You have to be super careful.

    Considering that certain information about your favorite options might be the difference that you are making great returns or you losing out on your entire budget.

    So, if you’re interested in certain precautions to make, check out the complete lists below:

    1. Reputable – You have to search for an agent with a good reputation when it comes to working with clients and property searches. If you consider that his track record looks fascinating to guide you on this journey and you realize how well he handles real estate affairs. Then, you can opt-in fully for his service.
    2. Experience level – Well, the higher the experience, the better the expertise. This means when you’re considering an estate agent in experience level. It’s safe to assume that choosing an agent with many years of experience in buying and selling land or a house, it’s a good option.
    3. Reference from previous clients – If you’re going with this. The result? It will help you know how they handle clients and if truly they are as credible as they suggest.

    After all, if you already have a list of real estate agents to consider.

    You can now decide on whether to use anyone that seems fit for your market.

    Now, if you already know which one fits your market type.

    To ease confusion:

    You might be wondering why should I hire a real estate agent.

    Probably not.

    Instead, maybe you should use a real estate company.

    Well, in this guide, I’ll help you decide which of these two may serve you better.

    Just to ease your process.

    And you probably have to know that it depends on what precisely you are searching for.

    And the ultimate goal of this article is that it gives you a complete checklist of what you need to know.

    To better understand the whole process:

    I’ll start with a detailed piece about the advantage and disadvantages of using real estate agents for your property guide or purchase process.


    Let’s kick off with:

    What are the advantages of working with a real estate agent?

    • Better use of time:

    The good news is:

    …If you’re to work with an estate agent, you don’t have to worry about completing all the tasks that come with buying a home or land.

    The interesting piece is:

    They can help you close a deal quickly with their vast knowledge and experience in the field.

    In other words,

    They also make sure they ease your work.

    In fact:

    Investopedia did an awesome job in this super helpful guide, here’s what they said.

    Having an agent keeps you one step removed and makes you less likely to make stupid mistakes such as overpricing your home.

    That way, you don’t have to spend all your time looking for a place to buy, comparing properties, and finding banks for mortgages.

    They help with the practical work.

    • Knowledge of marketplace development

    A licensed real estate agent knows that his business is to stay updated and be aware of current happenings in the property marketplace in a way that you cannot.

    This behavior ensures that they make better judgments with placing rate factors and locations.

    And in some cases, whereby they don’t no longer have sufficient facts about a certain area.

    Yet, they’re better equipped to search and locate what currently happening and they can suggest to you some regions or locations you must keep away from when in search of residence needs.

    • Unbiased fair offer for a property

    One important piece is that if you can’t afford a property, an agent can look for a supplement one that exactly fits your budget.

    So, instead of you finding a property you like but can’t afford anyone.

    This way, they find you properties that are within your price range.

    On the other hand, they can also help you hit better bargains for the property you wish to purchase.

    To the next one.


    The cons
    • Unfocused attention

    Since it is a one-man business, most agents are swamped with work and struggle to keep up.

    That means, there will be delays and eventually it going to make you miss out on open listings of the property type you’re interested in.

    • Cost increase

    As a single-man operative system, the fees for hiring an agent are quite expensive.

    As they operate on commission.

    This means, that if you’re to work with an agent, you are expected to pay the standard rate attached to the service.

    No matter what the cost is which could range from 6% of the selling price.

    • Credibility

    Credibility now seems like a no-man business.

    It’s no surprise that most people just went from roadside workers to online courses of being real estate agents.

    And guess what.


    …They are handing out business cards and sugary coated words about their capabilities.

    Best advice?

    Do not fall for it, your best bet is to check and confirm the credibility of the agent.

    Now that we have cleared all that concerns you hiring a real estate agent.

    The next step will.

    Probably be that.

    You should also look at a real estate company and weigh the differences.

    So, for real estate companies, advantages to hiring them.

    • Efficiency

    Efficiency is always the rule of the game.

    Since it is more like an agency, a lot of experts are on the team.

    And this means that your property is in capable hands running fully organized and effective.

    #As a bonus

    You can even get a consultation on the best offers and you get more than an extra opinion about your decision standpoint.

    • Credibility

    As an agency, the agents on the team are very well vetted which means only licensed and practicing property agents work there.

    And as such you are very well assured that you won’t be losing out on your investment.

    • Legal work and contract

    In simple words,

    There are better chances that you are going to avoid any mistakes or falling into documentation foul play.

    When you decide to go with a real estate company.

    They can help you with the finalization of your contracts and any paperwork that is required to ensure a legal contract.

    Because they also have lawyers and surveyors as team members.

    • Better property listings

    What one man can do.

    Imagine the results of 10 men.

    I think the result will amaze you.

    When you work with an agency, you can get access to multiple offers for the exact property type you’re in the market for.

    Disadvantages of using a real estate company

    One of the major disadvantages most people think that using a company might be the tedious process you have to go through to ensure a booking with them.

    But, the amazing thing is that all that has changed.

    You now have access to book directly with them.

    Another disadvantage is likely the cost of hiring the agency, which will be far less than the 6% an agent would charge you.

    land investing for investors

    If you decide to go for a real estate company, you’ll have a fewer costs with higher benefits and opportunities.

    …I advise that if you have already decided to buy a property using a real estate company for consultation will suit your need.

    And my team is ready to ease the process.

    Final thoughts

    Now that you already know why you should hire a real estate agent.

    Better still:

    You using a real estate agent to buy a home or land might seems like a good idea, anyway.

    It’s no bad idea.

    And if you want to go the other way round, you can get to partner with a real estate company.

    So, my team is ready to work on your budget.

    You can start a live conversation with us today.

    Or subscribe to our newsletter.

    We’ll reply in minutes.

    And don’t forget to share this super helpful guide.