7 Quick Ways To Attract Real Estate Buyers [Free & Fast]

    how I attracted real estate buyers
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    Real estate marketing is changing rapidly. And sadly, you aren’t going to like a lot of these changes(especially real estate buyers’ decisions).

    And hey!

    I don’t mean change from a purchase decision standpoint.

    You already know that you get a bunch of buyer leads already.

    But, the critical standpoint is that real estate marketing is becoming more competitive and extremely expensive.

    And that’s right.

    Just take a look at the statistics below: That’s eystone recent data.

    • As you can see, an average real estate company spent 40% of its annual budget on an advertisement.

    real estate buyers stats

    In fact:

    • Only 2% of real estate companies see the return on investment of their targeted goal.

    real estate buyers data

    Should we say one of the big reasons that we are seeing real estate marketing change so much is because of real estate buyers’ decisions?

    To better understand why.

    In this guide, I’m going to show you 7 super ways to get first-time real estate buyers…fast & free.

    In fact:

    This is the exact same strategy I used to generate tons of desperate leads ready to stick around like super glue.

    What about this?

    real estate buyers conversation

    And this?

    Today, I’m going to show you how to attract qualified buyers that convert:

    Into your sales funnel

    Turn into regular customers

    How to get qualified real estate buyers

    Become your fan(Fanocracy)

    Used word of mouth marketing


    …To blow the trumpet of your property and grow your real estate business.

    So, let’s get started.

    Find a proven keyword for these real estate buyers

    Your property portfolio is huge:

    …The question is:

    How do you find a proven keyword?

    You can use these 2 simple step-by-step guides.

    Use quora to find topic clusters

    Quora is a knowledge-based forum.

    That can help you really well to get real estate leads and clients.

    And here’s why:

    Quora doesn’t just show you real estate ideas that specific people are interested in.

    real estate buyers data

    Instead, you see marketing ideas that investors are searching for and advertisers are bidding on.

    For example,

    Let’s say you want to come up with some valid content idea, you can type any keyword by location…

    …Or you can do it by specific keywords.

    Either way, you’ll find content ideas that people are searching for solutions to get.

    Like this one below:

    real estate buyers data1

    You can see that you already have a burning question:

    And within 30 seconds you have a lot of proven topic clusters:

    In fact:

    …The most interesting part is finding potential proven keywords on Udemy.

    Scroll down to see burning keywords like this:

    • How to find off-market lead deals
    • The best way to get started with no money

    Amazon list of keywords

    To understand that:

    First, search amazon for a keyword that defines your niche.

    In this case, it’s real estate.

    Then, take a look at a book with a lot of reviews.

    real estate buyers tactics

    (This shows you that people actually love this book)

    And they actually pay for it.

    #Quick remember

    All that we’re doing are generic, you can get and attract investors anywhere.

    Finally, click ‘stare inside’ to see the lists of keywords.

    As you can see, you get a list of topics and mentions presented to you that you never think existed.





    Use content marketing to game buyer’s purchase intent

    Well, I’m starting with this one because I know you are going to hate this.

    …Real estate intent is moving to content marketing.

    In fact:

    Our recent data analysis proves this.

    real estate buyers behavior

    • Only real estate brands or agents that use emotional words get loved. And they’re only 3% of them.

    In fact:

    One of the best ways to use content marketing that your target customers would subscribe for.

    …Is when you game their buying intent.


    How did you convert people when things didn’t go as you assume?

    …Why do you think brands like Apple, Microsoft, Nike are innovative.


    …I mean years after years they are becoming even more relevant.

    And think about it.

    …They are just computer and shoe companies

    …Why are they different?

    A better way, what do they do differently?

    Here’s an example:

    You may be wondering why do I have to tell you this.

    Have you heard about the Golden circle?

    If no.

    Okay…I’ll explain

    Probably you might think what could this possibly means.

    It’s simple…It means

    • Why stage
    • How stage
    • What stage

    And you can possibly learn something useful from Apple’s marketing strategy.

    According to the short form analysis, put together:

    Apple consistently uses Golden Circle marketing correctly. They begin with WHY, then figure out HOW they’ll achieve their vision and WHAT they need to create to get there.

    This is clear in Apple’s marketing. Think about how strange it would sound if Apple took the typical WHAT to HOW to WHY marketing approach. It might sound something like this:

    “We make good computers. Our computers are easy to use, elegant, and well designed. You should buy one.”

    Now, compare that to the start with the WHY approach that Apple actually uses to inspire customers:

    “We think differently. We want to challenge the status quo. The way we do this is by making products that are easy to use, elegant, and well designed. And we just happen to make computers as our products. You should buy one.”

    The difference is that Apple’s products are a result of their WHY. This is Golden Circle marketing. Their MacBooks, iPods, and iPhones are just a physical representation of the company’s core beliefs. Therefore, when someone buys an Apple product, they’re not just buying the WHAT: they’re buying the WHY, too.

    Put another way, people don’t actually want to buy stuff. They want to buy ideas.

    They want to join movements. Putting your WHY first ensures that your ideas, not your product, are what make you.

    For example, if you run a real estate company, you actually know WHAT you do.


    This also implies to every organization out there.

    But, some organization knows HOW they do it.

    Whether you’re talking about value proposition or unique selling points.

    And if you think of it.

    • Only 2% of real estate brands or agency knows why they do it.

    Here are more interesting things that Short form said,

    In Golden Circle marketing, the WHY leads to the HOW and the WHAT:

    • The WHY stage: This is the vision of your company. It’s the motivation behind your service or product. It’s the mission that you stand for.
    • The HOW stage: The HOW are the practical steps you need to take to achieve your WHY. The HOW is the practical, operational knowledge that brings the vision to life.
    • The WHAT stage: The WHAT is the product or service you’re selling. It’s the tangible part of your company, and it’s also the easiest to identify.

    This include:

    • Your  goal
    • Your experience
    • Purpose
    • Creativity
    • Opportunities
    • Belief
    • Focus
    • Value

    …Why do you want real estate buyers to care for what you do?

    But, for the inspired organization and leaders, communicate to the audience from the WHY circle(turning customers into fans).

    Take the apple phone launch,

    According to Cnbc,

    Research has shown that when you think an item is scarce, it heightens your arousal and makes you feel panicked to make a decision quickly. The perception of scarcity makes you less discerning and more likely to go with your favorite item, rather than research other options.

    “That just makes you want to click ‘buy,’ makes you want to get the line, and makes you not want to miss the boat,” she says.

    “Consumers respond, almost too strong, to these scarcity marketing tactics,” says Goldsmith.

    …I think if apple was every other brand out there.

    Maybe their marketing message must have sucked.

    Communicate context(value and benefits), not just content(words)

    This technique makes great marketing for real estate buyers because they come straight to their purchase intent.

    (That means you know exactly what they’re looking for).

    Plus, how they may see it as a possible solution.

    Here’s what the medium said about the difference between content and context.

    Context is the positioning of the content, storyline, or purpose that provides value to the audience.

    So even though they may not buy straight away, it’s much easier to create an impression.

    If you want to come up with a more interesting context on how consumers pretty interact with the real estate business.

    You can use adpresso.

    Take the following examples as inspirations.

    Do SEO to get qualified free leads(real estate buyers)

    Okay, if you’re new in the world of SEO, check out this article. I want the article

    Everything you need to know is already detailed in that article.

    Now it’s time to rank your properties in the search results so that it gets in front of real estate buyers.

    If you already have a WordPress website


    To get started, just type the plugin called ‘Yoast SEO’ in the search space.

    …Install and then activate the plugin.

    After doing that, you’ll want to optimize for consumers and search engines.

    First, do your On-page SEO.

    To start with:

    You’ve to create super high-quality content.

    When it comes to doing SEO that generates quality real estate buyers.

    You’ve got two options:

    • #1 – you can create a schema for your real estate website landing page
    • #2 – you can create content that’s better and unique

    In fact:

    …You’ll want to create something even unique and different than what is out there.

    But, in most cases, you’re better off with content that’s completely unique and super helpful.

    And why?

    Because it helps your content stand out.

    For example:

    A while ago I sat down to write a piece of content optimized around “land measurement

    And I noticed that investors and developers are literally searching for this keyword.


    I could have created a bigger how-to post: how to measure your land precisely.

    Instead, I decided to do something totally different.

    Specifically, I published an ultimate question guide on land measurement.

    And because Google sees that this content is totally different and super helpful…It got a ton of keywords that are ranking for.

    …Within a week plus

    …over 600 keywords.

    And still counting.

    And most important of all, I created a FAQ schema for it.

    So, if you can create something that’s simply better than what’s already ranking on the first page of Google.

    When Google noticed that… You get some votes, it means higher rankings and more qualified leads.

    Or you can get it done the other way.

    Integrate schema for real estate for higher visibility

    You might ask what this all has to do with attracting real estate buyers.

    I’ll explain.

    A recent Eystone study found that 0.8% of real estate companies and agents use schema for better rich results in the SERP.

    And that’s way too low.

    So, how can you do better?

    According to Milestoneinternet, Schemas have structured microdata that allows your web content to be better understood by search engines. Adding schemas to your web content allows search engines to create an enhanced description of your business and content in search results. The enhanced description is most often referred to as a “rich snippet” and it helps to create a richer experience for consumers in search results.

    …This aids higher visibility for your real estate business.

    Here’s how it looks:

    • For FAQ

    This is the one that eystone implemented below:

    • For local business and reviews

    Here’s what it looks like:

    This is a great way to put your real estate business uniquely in front of real estate buyers.


    Now that you know how to get real estate buyers fast.

    And if you’re still stuck on what to do.

    We’ll help you out.

    All you need to do is to subscribe to our newsletter or start a live conversation with us.

    We’ll reply in minutes.