Should I Buy Land in Epe, Lagos or Not? – 7 Quick Facts

    invest in land in epe
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    how to invest better in Epe

    In this guide, you’re going to see how to invest better. Specifically, in Epe(Lagos).

    “The new industrial Lagos”

    In other words, I’ll show you how one of our investors used this technique to hit millions in profit doing one thing – investing in Epe

    Still, I’ve published a video that outlines pretty much everything you need to know about our property currently selling in Epe near Yabatech.


    Let’s dive in.

    Here are 7 simple steps that will help you buy a good land for sale in Epe:

    • Know a good land to buy in Epe
    • Use Epe to 15x your wealth
    • Map out a high selling location in Epe
    • Study the environment
    • Analyze if the investment will buzz up your market
    • Avoid unexpired interest rate(distress sale)
    • Scale out your target audience

     how to know a good land to buy in Epe

    “The New Industrial Lagos”: A Location That Generates High ROI Returns


    …The new industrial Lagos work for one simple reason:

    They make your investment see quick returns.

    I published a post a while back that outlines the entire process: 7 tips that will help you buy a good land for sale in Lagos(Nigeria).

    So if you haven’t read that post, go check it out.

    In that post, I reveal how landed property increased my wealth by more than 4000%.

    And Epe “the new industrial Lagos” is one reason that Eystone amasses profit today.

    Does this sound like something you’d like to try?

    Keep reading…

    How Juliet used “the new industrial Lagos” to 15x her wealth”

    I just showed you how well investing in Epe worked for me.

    Now it’s time to reveal this brilliant investor result:

    #Take, Juliet.

    A while back, Juliet wanted to buy a new car called “BENZ”

    Why did Juliet want to buy this car?

    Well, a few years ago, before Juliet wanted to buy a car.

    Like most new cars owners, Juliet searched for the latest “BENZ” car for ladies.

    how to buy a good land for sale in Epe

    …But, there’s something that went wrong.

    She didn’t find any car that blew her taste away.

    That’s when Juliet realized that she had a huge opportunity staring her in the face.

    There aren’t many investors buying land in Epe.

    Why not make the first one?

    Fortunately for Juliet, she met with eystone development.

    And she decided to invest in “the new industrial Lagos“.

    How did it go?

    She bought 20 plots of land in Epe(when it still sells for 1.7 million).

    Do the maths.

    Now, Epe “the new industrial Lagos” skyrocket her wealth by 150% in just 8 months.

    And thanks to Eystone Development.

    Not bad for a young pretty lady that is just starting out.

    Map out a high selling area in Epe

    Here’s the fact.

    Despite what most “real estate marketers” would have you believe, return on investment plays a very small part in a real estate investment success.

    But little do most people know.

    In fact:

    …Choosing the right location is 90% of the game.

    And that’s where your investment can hit high ROI returns.

    Sure, return on investment sounds really nice.

    But it wouldn’t have done nearly as well without a selling location that new investors cared about.

    Even though the return on investment leaves a lot to be desired, it won’t attract investors right away.

    You know why.

    Smart investors knew that there is a high supply of land for sale “ways that investors can build wealth”.

    But not just any land.

    …But, demand for successful land returns(benefits).

    Such as:

    • Dry lands
    • Good road networks

    In fact:

    Epe is believed to have one of the best road networks in Lagos

    No doubt.

    These road networks are linked to Ikorodu, Ijebu Ode, and many others.

    Not just that.

    There are over 5 lanes of road networks from Eleko junction to Epe and these same exact networks will be extended to Abraham Adesanya from Eleko junction.

    Looks nice, right?

    As you probably know, buying good land isn’t enough to generate high returns and amass profit.

    If you’re serious about getting desired results from your investment, you need to strategically map out a high selling area.

    Study the environment
    is the environment buzzing for your market?

    Once you’re ready to invest in Epe, it’s time to make a list of environments that you may want to check out.

    The easiest way to do that? map out the environment that describes your type of real estate investment.

    In terms of:

    • Rental property
    • buy and hold
    • flipping land
    • commercial property
    • residential property

    For example,

    For family homes need, you will suggest that:

    1. Good transport network
    2. Great shopping facility
    3. Tight security(the pride of a home)
    4. Access to good schools
    5. Serene environment
    6. Good power supply


    If you’re going a little bit different, let’s say buy and sell.

    You would need other things like:

    1. Great returns
    2. Selling locations
    3. Attractive environment for investors.

    However, it’s best to know the kind of market you are going into and it’s easy to screw up.

    Analyze if the investment will buzz up your market

    Most investors buy lands the completely wrong way.

    Instead of gauging the market value, they go straight for the hard buy.

    You’ve probably thought of doing this as well.

    …Have you ever tried any of these mistakes?

    You don’t think so?

    …That’s better

    That’s why you want to start off your investment process with a buzzing market.

    A buzzing market that simply asks investors if they want to see your property.

    Here’s an example.

    If you’ve got a buzzing market, you sell much faster.

    And do more less.

    Let’s say you have a selling market in a strategized location and you decided to post the picture of the land property online.

    This is what happens next:

    A message from an investor: He’s interested in your property


    I was on the hunt for some info about land for sale in Epe, Lagos and I came across your post.

    Great stuff! you have here.

    Actually, I wanted to know if the land is still available for sale because I’ve heard that land in Epe has great returns.

    Let me know if the land is still available.

    You can see how this write up is completely different than most pushy message outreach you get:

    Something like this one below:



    But as for the man above, he’s just asking if they’d like to see your property if only is still available.

    Which is an easy sell.

    In other words, you don’t want to link to anything like ‘unserious buyers”.

    But, sales-ready.


    That’s why if you don’t buy a buzzing market, people would think this person must want something.

    And they hit you as a big “419”.

    But if they know your market is buzzing they simply want to buy your property, it’s usually received with open arms.

    Once you get a good response…you’ll sell more, with less effort.

    Avoid unexpired interest rate(Distress sale)

    When you want to secure a great real estate investment, you need to always remember one thing:

    The more safe your investment is, the more success you’ll have.

    …This is true of anything in real estate.

    Well, what’s the one thing that prevents people from losing out on their property?

    The fact that they have invested along with it.

    Well, the beauty of safe investment is that you remove that “Greediness”

    And how?

    By avoiding distress sales, name it.

    how to avoid distress sale of land in Epe

    …Unexpired interest


    What is an unexpired interest rate?

    The unexpired interest rate is defined as the number of years available or remaining for that property to expire.

    This is how it works:

    If you see two properties sharing the same title, you just have to read a complete description about why it’s so.

    This info has been used to generate tens of million Nairas by several hundred people who have consulted with me in person.


    This is what I’m sharing with you for free.

    …Let me show you a real-life example:

    Despite what most “real estate marketers” would have you believe, you’ve to be careful about hearing the word “cheap land”.

    Because there are many of them.


    1. Cheap land in Epe for sale at distress sales
    2. Cheap farmland in Epe at distress sales
    3. Distress land for sale in Ibeju-Lekki
    4. Distress land for sale in Epe near Yabatech
    5. Cheap Land in Lekki, Ajah.

    That’s wrong.

    I’ll tell you, there’s nothing like cheap land at a distress sale.

    …You can only see cheap land and affordable land for sale.

    I’ll explain.

    Let’s say “property 1” is selling for 5 million and “property 2” is selling for 3 million in Epe and each of them with the same title(like C of 0 or Excision).

    Both have the same title confirmed to be verified.

    Why are there changes in price?

    …One reason:

    This means, “property 2” has minimum time to expire while “property 1” still has maximum time.

    Because of that:

    It causes a change in price.

    The result:

    Now, you have to know that not all distress sales you should jump in for.

    I know.

    I’ve already had all these problems and they were sometimes very stressful.

    That’s right.

    Now, you have a watershed decision in front of you.

    Scale-out your target audience for your maarket

    This is important.

    Knowing your market doesn’t just make investing in real estate easier.

    It also makes your property much more powerful.


    Unlike most market approaches which start off after years of investing in the property.

    When you know your market, it’s easier to sell off quick and fast.


    Knowing what type of investment boosts your marketing approach and is better for return on investment.

    Whether it is:

    • Rental
    • Flip
    • Lease
    • Buy and hold and more.

    That’s right.

    For example, if you want to go into rental investment:

    Here’s what you should come up with:

    • Are there higher institutions in that location?
    • How many workers are living there?
    • What’s the house demand rate in that location?
    • What’s the resident’s average monthly salary?
    • Is there a good power supply?
    • What about the land? is it dry?

    After that you’ve figured it out, here’s something you need to know more about.

    In fact:

    …Epe will provide you with that market value.

    And why?

    Epe boasts of universities and is a good idea if you can come up with educational related amenities like hostels, restaurants, shopping malls, and more.


    No doubt.

    Alaro city and Lekki international airport are located in Epe.

    Not just that:

    Many companies are investing in Epe because of the ongoing developments.

    The Lekki free trade zone is also a major industrial hub in Epe(Epe resort).

    The question is: How do you want to take this advantage?

    It’s what we do most and what we’re best at.

    We can help you work it out.

    Now that you know what it means to invest better in Epe, Lagos.

    Don’t wait a minute to invest.

    Simply get in touch with us, subscribe or chat with us.

    We’ll reply in minutes.

    And don’t forget to share this guide.