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    how to start real estate in nigeria
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    Is real estate in Nigeria shifting to millennial trends?

    The future of real estate in Nigeria is not what you think anymore.

    Have you heard the saying, “real estate is now one head investment”?

    Of course, it is.

    That’s, real estate in Nigeria is shifting towards the millennial age.

    Trust me, I know.

    And how do I know?

    We did a survey about property buyers especially their behavior towards the recent technology trends.

    We realized that real estate buyers’ decision is changing very fast. Not only does it but we also realized the shift is growing in favor of the millennials.

    And the cause for this recent change is technology.

    Do you know the real reason?

    Okay. The real reason is that after we did a successive survey that shows people who buy our property the most.

    Of course, it’s either baby boomers or millennials.

    But one thing is that it usually costs us a lot of money to reach baby boomers because they are a few of them and they are not tech-savvy.

    What about the millennials?

    The millennials, on the other hand, are tech-savvy and investment-ready. This makes it easy to sell to them fast.

    In other words, they ensure sprint down for inspection.

    Because of the recent change, it shows that the millennials are changing the way to sell in the real estate industry.

    Well, of course, they have.

    And they are many of them out there.

    So, if there’s one reason to change the content game in favor of your real estate business it should be because of the millennial’s purchase decision.

    Remember, they are tech-savvy, you’ll have to find them before you can sell to them.

    The only way that could happen is when you based your marketing interaction to resonate with their emotional intent.

    Here’s a simple step.

    How to launch a powerful real estate in Nigeria that sells:

    You have to shift the way you do marketing for your real estate in Nigeria

    The real reason why is because the millennials don’t just buy easily they have a low purchasing power.

    You will have to find them multiple times before they can even think about interacting with your real estate business.

    And that’s a lot of assignments.

    For sure, they have got a bunch of information, they can easily access the internet and learn about certain things fast.

    So they are not that ignorant like the baby boomers. The baby boomers can easily be distracted and it’s easy to sell to them if you have the right word to sell them right away.

    In other words, baby boomers are moved by the words you tell them but the millennials are moved by the results they see and the benefits before them.

    That is like two-edged swords. This means, that one has its own preferences and the other also does too.

    But the ultimate goal is still to sell to them.

    Now that you’ve heard me mention what the recent trends look like in the real estate industry.

    Here’s one simple question, are you adapting your real estate marketing plan to suit their needs?

    Also, are you resonating well with their interests?

    If you haven’t thought about it before now, you can follow up with these rules that will help you change the way millennials will start interacting with your real estate business in Nigeria.

    Re-adjust your plan to their own way of thinking

    Getting in front of millennials isn’t an easy task, we all know and the internet isn’t that helping anymore.

    They can easily root in for a trend, also it’s the same way they can easily root out for the same trend.

    These kinds of people are not too straightforward, they have a problem, they can easily get obsessed with trends, and when they do it’s hard getting their love.

    But, how can all that change?

    • Get your real estate business more online

    I bet you can’t succeed in a real estate firm in Nigeria without being real.

    In fact, you can’t sell without being found.

    You choose one. it’s either you get found or you get lost.

    But first, let’s go over how online real estate marketing in Nigeria is changing how consumers buy.

    Over 1 million realtors exist

    Do the maths.

    That means there’s one realtor for every 14 clients.

    That is way too many.

    So why should someone buy from you, not from your competitors?

    With over 140 million population, if you consider Nigerians in Europe that number is surely over 140 million because just Nigerians alone in America are over 500,000.

    I just assume that.

    And I didn’t mention anything about the rest of Europe.

    So, what does that mean for you?

    It’s just that simple.

    Because there are so many realtors it’s going to be hard to get in front of the millennials.

    First, they snatch your clients.

    And just because millennials are tech-savvy that should make you want to re-adjust your marketing strategy.

    But that doesn’t mean staying social or going online will automatically get you more love from the millennials.

    It just means that the average millennials want to find and see what services you render.

    The bad news is if you’re not doing that it’s going to be hard to sell in front of them.

    But in the case whereby you are already taking your real estate business online but, for some reason, you still do not sell much that you would like to sell.

    Don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking, I’ll tell you the solution.

    Because there are so many realtors, it means you have tons of competition.

    Whosoever you’re thinking of marketing your property to, the chances are there’s already a realtor(many of them) already doing that.

    Take Nigerian property center.

    Using this platform, only shows you are competing with a lot of real estate companies, realtors, and real estate agents. who are finding easy ways to show up their property listings in order to make sales.

    Even if you’re planning to create persuasive social media content, the chances are some other realtor is going to beat you to the listings.

    You have to know there are now more real estate agents competing to get in front of the millennials.

    And no matter what you are trying to sell, you are going to have a lot of competition.

    Set your unique selling point right away

    If you want to start a real estate business in Nigeria.

    First, you’ve to think about the winning strategy. You’ve to churn that out and get it right away.

    The behavior of millennials has changed the standard of online marketing and the marketing outlook of every business.

    Before now, social media platforms like Facebook weren’t even being used by realtors or real estate companies.

    Do you want to know why? because it was new there was no exact selling strategy to sell.

    In fact, only a few people use social media platforms because it was not everyone that could get hold of a phone.

    But now, everyone can.

    Back then, marketers never knew about the appropriate way to sell to consumers.

    Everything was fresh and marketers only want to know more.

    But, all that has changed. Thanks to the evolution of technology.

    That’s more reason you need a unique selling point in order to get in front of your targeted audience.

    Of course, they’re more millennials.

    But, there’s a simple way to go about it.

    • What makes you different?
    • What is your target audience’s most preferred social media network?
    • Build on your weaknesses
    • Set opportunities – it’s not about what trends, but it’s all about the future possibility.
    • Always focus on your goal.
    • Split your strength – Don’t depend on it, try to figure out how you can be better.
    • Track their behaviors.

    In other words, if you are not creative and do something worth mentioning, you won’t do well.

    It doesn’t matter if you spent most of your time online…no one will care about what you do.

    Which is, you will keep building more of a cold audience than active buyers.

    Almost every real estate company in Nigeria that sells is doing something unique and different.

    It doesn’t matter what exactly. The only difference is that they know how to turn their cold audience into regular customers.

    How to sell to millennials who are fresh

    You need to share customers’ experiences. Your customer journey is unique you need to let them know.

    If you can tie up your customer experience into your marketing strategy, you’ll do much better.

    If you look at the real estate companies that sell consistently this is actually what they do differently.

    They were able to pinch out their customer story, portfolio, and drive it into their marketing system.

    Everything then becomes a story that their potential clients would always have in their minds.

    They don’t have to be generic, you just have to be real.

    Each bottom line must contain something new…which you already know it’s so important.

    Whether it is data that people haven’t seen or something based on your brand experience that people can learn from, the sales letter that is unique will always perform best.

    However, you have to be real and original to get loved. Not just for sales, but for a lasting relationship.

    So, how do you write unique sales letters on your social media platforms that could sell millennials right away?

    The only simple way is if you have a unique topic about a property and if it is something no one else in the real estate industry hasn’t seen, there’s a good chance it will do well and make you more sales.

    But if it is another “copycat” way of marketing like everyone does (only post pictures and videos with value that doesn’t exist) that talk about the same old things that have been marketed a thousand times before.

    It is going to be hard to sell to millennials because they are special breeds and you should notice that their preferences have changed over time.

    And this means if you are not doing the right thing, they won’t subscribe to your offer no matter what they may sound like.

    By doing something unique, you will get a better understanding of where the market is moving and how you need to adapt to their needs.

    If you are stuck on what topic to come up with, I’ll recommend you to use Google trends

    Google trends have been my favorite tool to date. You can see what is been popular in the real estate niche in Nigeria for the day as well as the number of searches performed.

    And, you can adjust it for any country.

    But the ultimate goal is to find trending keywords(topic) for each day.

    If you have a unique perspective on any of these trends you should come up with a compelling sales letter that will easily sell to your targeted audience.

    This tool should give you great ideas.

    Serve them right for every journey

    Yes, there are tons of them. They are way too many and you understand well that you don’t need many of them.

    Who needs this? it’s only those who are ready to buy.

    This way, you have to set up your ideal customer profile.

    When there’s high competition, there’s always a chance to do well or strive well.

    First, you have to look for a way to distinguish yourself.

    If you have many prospects, you can see how many are qualified buyers with your ideal customer profile.

    At least, that’s what you will be able to figure out after knowing who they are.

    For example,

    Let’s say your ideal customer profile is as follow:

    • Age – 25 – 50
    • Interest – rental property and real estate
    • salary – 500k and above
    • Location – Lagos

    When you set up this, you will do well even in the face of competition.

    But you have to focus every time on it.

    And the big strategy will be churning out personalized content…content that contains your customer experience and stories not about your property.

    Because you have to know one thing, the value is not in the property, it’s in the message.


    Even if you are new to the real estate business in Nigeria, you can still use other people’s experiences or the lesson learned from customers.

    Or from your past as a realtor as some of those things that are relevant today.

    Because millennials love reading about new trends as long as you are real and authentic to them.

    On the other hand, if you are trying to invest in real estate in Nigeria and you don’t know how to go about it.

    My team is always ready to work with you, simply click on the link here. I want to invest