What Is Land Measurement? And How To Measure It

    land measurement
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    real estate land measurement

    If you have the money to buy land, then what?… I think, land measurement?

    …It’s a controversial subject among investors.

    In this guide, I’m going to show you exactly how to measure land…step by step

    In this guide, I’ll pretty cover how to measure lands in acres, hectares, square meters, plots, and feet.

    • #1 – What is land measurement?
    • #2 – How many plots of land make an acre?
    • #3 – What is the dimension of one acre of land?
    • #4 – What’s the dimension of a section of land in feet?
    • #5 – How plot of land is measured in Nigeria?
    • #6 – How many acres make a hectare?
    • #7 – What to do to convert hectare to plot
    • #8 – Difference between hectares and acres
    • #9 – How many 50 by 100 feet are in an acre?
    • #10 – How many square meters make a plot of land?
    • #11 – What is the measurement of a plot of land in square feet?
    • #12 – How to calculate acre to square feet?
    • #13 – How to calculate acre to square meter?

    If you want to know how to measure land, you’ll love this guide.

    …Let’s dive in

    In this chapter, I’ll cover the definition of land measurement.

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    First, you’ll learn exactly what land measurement is(and why it’s important for investors and developers).

    I’ll also show you how to make your land survey pattern never repeat so you’ll never step another man’s property sharing the same plots of land as yours.


    Okay! Let’s start this way.


    What is land measurement?

    Land measurement is the process of finding the exact co-ordinate of a piece of land. It can be a unit of measurement such as hectares, acres, square feet, square meters (sqm).

    …Put another way,

    …In a simpler version,

    What are land measurements?

    This is a process of finding accurate measurements of a given piece of land in linear or square meters.

    #As a bonus, the standard unit of measuring land is an acre.

    That’s because acre is measured in 60 by 120 feet(a full land) and 6 plots each.

    Why is measuring land important for investors and developers?

    Land measurement impacts every other building process that you perform, including land variation(dependent on states), standard unit, and real estate purposes(commercial or residential).

    That’s why land measurements are usually the first step of any real estate investment.

    …Put another way:

    Land measurements are like navigation for your building task: they tell you how to build and whether or not you are building it well.

    3D illustration - Land plot management - real estate concept with a vacant land on a green field available for building construction and housing subdivision in a residential area with a geodesic device, called Total Station real estate land measurement stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

    In other words, land measurement is market research for the next owners to bring it into the 21st century.

    Obviously, there are a lot of factors that went into measuring a land with accurate measurements.

    The #1 factor that can contribute is linear measurement:

    …I called this measuring in linear meter.

    First, this process is used in the initial measurement of land or house building process.

    And it’s usually in 3 or 3.1 feet.

    If you are to use 3 feet is usually 900 square meters.

    For 3.1 feet, it’s usually 1000 square meters.

    …I’ll explain with a real-life example.

    If you pick up the measurement of land with a linear meter.

    Here’s what you come up with.

    #1, the measurement in linear meters only consists of one dimension.

    That’s to say, you’ve to measure in length, width, height, etc.

    Put it another way:

    For square meters(sqm),

    It usually measures a land’s area or the product of length and width.

    You might be wondering.

    How do I convert from square meter to linear meter?

    Well, if you want to achieve accurate results.

    First, you have to divide the square meter by the width of the land.

    For example,

    If you are just starting out, the result will be hard to achieve when measuring land.

    But, I’ll show you a quick step.


    If you can brainstorm on the area of the space the land is covering in square meters (sqm).

    The next process? you’ve to research the space’s length and its width and then multiply the two dimensions to get its area.

    Here’s quick math:

    To understand that.

    Let’s say the land you are dealing with measures 3 meters by 4 meters if we do the maths.

    …The results:

    …3m x 4m = 12m2

    Then, divide the area measures by the width, let’s say the width is 3 meters.

    …You should get:

    12m2/3m = 4m(linear meter).

    #Pro tips:

    When it comes to square meters, it performs well for measuring the total area of a house or measuring the block of land.

    For the next, linear meter:

    It works well for measuring the length of materials like roof or carpentry works.

    How to measure a plot of land in square feet?

    It’s a good question to ask.

    First, you need to decide on your lots.

    In fact:

    That’s so important in the building process.

    To solve this:

    First, you’ve to know the standard plot of land.

    #As a bonus, the answer is 60 feet by 120 feet = 600 square meters.

    I’ll explain.

    For sure, the standard dimension for a half plot of land is 500 square meters.

    Obviously, that’s not the case for some states in Nigeria.

    You can see some states measure 450 square meters.

    If that’s the case, you have to figure out the actual land measurement or variation.

    To do that:

    You have to focus on the dimension.

    …For 450 square meters:

    You have:

    50 feet by 100 feet = 15 meters by 30 meters = 5000 square feet = 450 square meter.

    …In the final results, you can see a half plot of land is equivalent to 5000 square feet.

    What is the dimension of one acre of land?

    To understand that.

    You definitely want to target a full plot of land.

    Which is, 60 feet by 120 feet, right?

    …The next process is,

    You’ve to measure 3 plots to the front and 3 plots to the back.

    But when it comes to the dimension of acres or one acre of land.

    …180 feet by 240 square meters is usually the best bet.

    …I’ll explain.

    …3 plots for 60 feet is – 60 + 60 + 60 = 180 feet.

    For the square feet, is measured – 120 + 120 = 240 square feet.

    That makes it, 180 feet by 240 square feet.

    Pro tips: The correct dimension of one acre of land is 180 feet by 240 square meters.

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    How many plots of land make a hectare?

    To understand that.

    …Here’s a quick way to evaluate plots of land in a hectare.

    First, you already know that a full plot is 600sqm(60 feet by 120 feet) or 650 square meters (120 feet by 60 feet).

    Then, since a hectare is 10,000 square meters – 1 hectare is equivalent to 16.6 plots.

    The simple maths is:

    You’ve to divide the unit into plots.

    To solve that:

    You’ve to do this, 10,000(a hectare)/600sqm(a full plot) = 16.6 plots

    How do you convert hectares to plots?

    You’ve to follow the same process above.

    To convert:

    …1 full plots = 600 square meters

    …1 hectares = 10,000 square meters.

    To do the maths:

    10,000/600 = 16.6 plots

    How many 50 by 100 are in an acre?

    Here’s a quick way to evaluate plots of land.

    First, you’ve to know that an acre is usually 4046.86 square meters.

    #As a result:

    If you’ve got a plot of land measuring 650 square meters.

    To evaluate the exact plots of land in an acre.

    You’ve to divide 4046.86 square meters by 650 square meters.

    The result is:

    …6.2 plots

    #As a result, we have 6 plots of 50 by 100 feet in an acre.

    How many 60 by 120 plots of land in square meters?

    You already know this.

    But I’ll explain.

    To understand that:

    60 feet by 120 feet = 7,200 square feet = 20 meter x 30 meter = 600 square meters.

    # As a result, 1 square meter = 10.76 square feet = 0.99963671 square meter.

    Difference between acres and hectares?

    Acres   vs  Hectares

    • A standard unit for land measurement      vs    hectares measures 100 by 100m
    • 1 acre is 4046.86 square meters                 vs    1 hectare is 10,000 sqm
    • 1-acre consists of 6 plots                            vs   1-hectare consist of 16 plots
    • Acres to sqm is 3600sqm                           vs     hectares to sqm is 9000sqm
    How many square meters make a plot of land

    To understand.

    …1 meter is  60 by 120 feet(a full plot).

    Let’s do the maths.

    …The results is:

    …60 feet by 120 feet = 7200 square feet = 20 by 30 meter = 600sqm.

    And one square meter is 0.0002471054 acres.

    To convert 1 acre to square meter:

    …1 acre = 1 x 4046.8 = 4046.8 square meter.

    Put it another way.

    To convert 10 acres to square meters.

    10 acre = 10 x 4046.8 = 40,468 square meter.

    How to calculate acre to square feet?

    1 acre = 43560 square feet.

    1 square feet = 2.29568 acre.

    To convert 10 acre to square feet:

    …10 acre = 10 x 43560 = 435600 square feet.


    You already know.

    It’s the standard land measurement(SLM). It is commonly used in Nigeria.

    Acre in dimension.

    1 acre = 6 plots.

    60 feet by 120 feet = 600 square meter(full land).

    120 feet by 60 feet = 650 square meters.

    100 feet by 150 feet(not usually full plot).

    For the eastern part,

    1 acre = 8 plots or 8.5 plots.

    100 feet by 50 feet = 465. 125 square meters.

    How is land measured in Nigeria?

    You can measure land in:

    • Hectares – They are about two and a half acres which are usually about 15 plots.
    • Feet
    • Acres
    • Meter

    According to realestateinlagos,

    Acres and Hectares are bigger measurement units mostly used for larger areas of land like farmland and forest. At the same time, meters and feet are used for smaller plots of land for instance Land for residential purposes. Nigeria primarily uses the metric system of measurements; these plots of land are usually described in square meters.  For easy comparison, you should always ask any land vendor what the size of a plot of land is in square meters.

    #Pro tips: If you want to buy land. The next process is important.

    You have to know this.

    I know, I’ve already had all these problems and they were sometimes very stressful.

    However, in this chapter, I’ll walk you through this simple technique to avoid this kind of nonsense during land allocation.

    First, go with a professional surveyor:

    Here’s the point.

    The only problem with professional surveyors is that they know how to do their work so well.

    At least, they’ll be able to scan the co-ordinate and survey of the land.

    Why is this important?

    It’s just simple.

    You’ve to know exactly the design for the land property.

    land investing for investors

    If you aren’t careful.

    In fact:

    If you don’t know what to watch out for, you could end up having trouble with your land.

    That’s why it’s important you’ve got a land measurement.


    Now that you know “what is a land measurement? and why it’s so important.

    Also, how to measure land in hectares, acres, feet, and square meters.

    But, there’s something else.

    Are you thinking about something? about how to invest?

    I’ve got some good news for you.

    If you want to invest in real estate, I’ll gladly say my team is ready to work with you.

    We’ll help you invest in our most selling locations.

    Another thing.

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