Excision of Land – What It Is And How To Know a Verified One?

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    If you already have a budget in place, you may probably be wondering what exactly the excision of land in real estate is?


    Or what land document should you recommend having?

    Maybe it would provide insights into what your property wants and help highlight the future pitfalls you need to avoid at each point in the purchase journey.

    And that’s absolutely right.


    If you don’t have a good land title document, you’re behind.

    And the reason it’s just simple.

    Just because:

    • 70% of land in Nigeria doesn’t scale, and that’s, in terms of authenticity.

    This means, most of them are, suck.

    And I don’t want you to get tied to it.

    …That’s why you are going to see what you need to know about the excision of land in Nigeria.

    Or don’t you think?

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a super guide that shows you exactly how to get the best on the excision of land?

    Isn’t that going to be interesting?

    That said.

    If so, let’s dive in.

    History of excision of land

    Remember, the practice of excision of land by non-white landowners in the northern territory of Nigeria?

    I bet you didn’t remember the conflict?

    Do you know that such practices have been a social problem from the beginning of the nineteenth century when it was introduced by European settlers?

    Do you also know that the practice was strongly criticized by the Yoruba people and many people believed that the practice was unjustified?

    This doesn’t just cause a major conflict.

    But, there was an overall shift.

    And here’s what happened.

    For the overall shift?

    …This causes the expansion of the practice of excision of land from the middle of the nineteenth century to the twentieth century.

    And earlier did the Yoruba people believe that land has an infinite amount of healing power and that the practice of excision of land is termed biased.

    At that time, the land in Nigeria is mostly arable land of the African continent.

    However, there has been a practice of the Yoruba people of Nigeria to use the land for non-agricultural purposes.

    The fact is.

    This practice was initiated by European settlers.

    And guess what.

    The practice of the Yoruba people is called “Excision of Land”

    …Let me explain why it’s so

    Although the context of Yoruba tribe division already exists.

    And then, the Yoruba people are divided into two groups.

    At that time, we are already talking about the Yoruba people of the north and the Yoruba people of the south.

    In a much proper context,

    We can actually say that the Yoruba people of the north are led by the Yoruba Sinka, although they’re a people with a more significant history of slavery.

    And as for the Yoruba of the south.

    They are kindly referred to as a group of people that have a long history of being opposed to slavery, and they are led by Yoruba Siken.

    And guess who they actually are?

    …They are a people with significant resistance to slavery.

    And then “Excision of land” was born


    What do you think is the meaning of excision?

    The term “excision” refers to the removal of a thing.

    And in this case.

    We can assume that it is the removal of the government seal of ownership over the land.

    And then:

    What exactly is the excision of land?

    It is very similar to the word “excision”. It’s easiest to picture them side by side.

    So. I’ll explain.

    An excised land is land that was formally owned by the government and thereby given to the individual residing there.

    The overall result is that such excised land becomes a free land that can carry the land title CofO.

    …The most important piece is that:

    The government decision is more complicated, so it needs more oversight.

    Especially when the government has the full right to disburse acquired land that belongs to them.

    This is why your money is the number one priority for 99.9% of your investment.


    You may be wondering what exactly is land excision.


    We can likely say, “modern land excision”

    This is the method by which state governments release parts of the land to indigenous people within the area.

    And you may likely ask.

    For what reason?


    Let’s say, it’s a system adopted by the government to compensate the original landowners that are most affected by the enactment of the land use act in Nigeria.

    And the result?

    This gave the federal government charge over all the lands in Abuja and the state governments over all land within their state.


    So, in other words:

    What does land excision in progress mean in real estate?

    Simply put:

    Land excision in progress involved taking ownership of land away from the government.

    In a simpler version,

    You can simply say, it’s a legal process of getting land from the government to indigenous for their use.

    And just for an overall glimpse of what it is:

    You can likely say;

    Excision in the process means that the land in question is still in the course of being unconstrained, apportioned, and granted to the indigenous people by the government.

    This is an incredible way to know that such land stays under government ownership till every step to take it off excision in progress is duly conducted from the first written application by the indigenes to the final approval by the governor.

    …Sometimes all it takes is a little knowledge, but the key is understanding what you want to invest in.

    When you do this well, it delivers great results and real returns.

    And just to understand that even more.

    You should also know that:

    The excision in progress is initiated when a community seeks to legally claim ownership of certain lands in an area and write an application to the government regarding it.

    Note: This process is quite tedious as there are so many modalities that need to be addressed before the land is given up to the indigenes.

    That said.

    What exactly do you need to know about excised land in Nigeria?
    • It is expensive

    The reason?

    This is because you will not only pay for the cost of land, you will also pay for the excision process indirectly.

    • After the land has gone through excision, then you are well assured of your investment as there will be no fear of losing the land.
    • The interesting thing is that, when the land becomes excised, it has no other challenges as the legal processes taken to acquire it will negate any negative encounters in the long run.
    • As long as you stick to the master plan of the area and the state rules governing the land property ownership, there’s a possible reason that you will have full control of the land.

    The important piece is that:

    Although, the cost of excised land might be one of the reasons that you may weigh up other options.

    But, the best advice is:

    Having an excised land it’s far better than purchasing unexercised land.

    The reason?

    As this might cause a huge problem in the nearest future, which you would have avoided by simply paying more for a legally excised land.

    Dangers of owning land under excision(not yet approved by the government)

    The fact is:

    There are lands with the title “excision of land” that is already approved by the government.

    Take, Eystone.

    For instance,

    We currently have property selling in Ibeju-Lekki.

    Name it?

    Excision of land – The Gemstone.

    excision of land banner

    But, the good news is:

    ..It’s already verified by the government.

    While some other lands with excision may not be approved yet by the government.

    Just to avoid such pitfalls.

    Here are what you need to know about land with the title excision(not yet approved by the government):

    • Not all applications for land excision are granted, so if you already pay for the land and you probably find out that the property is still under government duvet. The bad news is, there’s so much reason to say, you may lose out on your investment and the capital you already invested in it. That’s why it’s advisable that you carry out some research on whether the land is already approved by the government with the title “excision of land” or not.

    This is exactly why we educate our clients at Eystone.

    excision of land inspect by a developer

    Even though we already have all our properties verified by the government.

    Just to avoid pity scams from other people.

    So that your investment won’t pain you to the ass in the long run.

    • Another incredible fact is that the government never gives the exact hectares or acres of land to the applicants. If it is not yet government approved with the title “excision of land”

    And this may cause some problems for you.

    The real reason is that:

    For example.

    Let’s say, an applicant requested 30 hectares of land and the government approves just 15 hectares to be given to the community.


    If your land is among the 15 hectares that didn’t get approved.

    Then what did you think will happen next?

    Do the logic.

    …And that’s a big loss for you

    The best alternative?

    There might be something like compensation, not all times, but most times.

    And the only compensation will be that you will be rewarded with another land that is not your preferred choice you requested and this may affect your investment plan.

    So, what is the next thing to do?

    Like I said, if the land is titled “excision“, then all you need to do is that you ask whether is already verified by the government or not.

    And why?

    It’s just simple.

    Because some land with such title is already verified while some are not.

    • Uncertain future of the property

    When you buy land with excision and yet not verified, the bitter truth is, that the government can in the future choose to demolish properties in that area for public use.

    Hence, this may cause you to lose your land and property, which is not a good approach.

    Precautions to take to avoid purchasing land that has not yet been verified


    As we know, when we talk about land, we can safely say that land is one of the hottest commodities on earth.

    As it is selling faster than ever before.

    It’s no exaggeration that we still have people who still end up in shamble and lawsuits.

    …It will likely be silly to make such mistakes again after reading this super helpful guide on “excision of land”

    In fact:

    Land in the process of excision remains under government acquisition until the application is approved and signed off.

    To avoid such bully mistakes or rather than buying from a vendor.

    Your best bet may be:

    You should likely use a real estate company that can very well compensate you if the ruling doesn’t favor your investment.

    land investing for investors

    But, if you choose to use a vendor like omonile, just know that you don’t have property anywhere, anymore.

    It’s just that simple.


    If you’re buying land.


    You’ll need to recognize the land title that it holds whether or not it will give you full ownership of the land after you pay for it.

    Differences between excision and gazette

    As you possible know:

    Excision is the handover of land from the government to the indigenes of the state.

    As for Gazette.

    In much a simpler version,

    Gazette is the official document to that effect.

    This means.

    Gazette can be defined as the official statement released by the government to announce that the land has been excised.

    The most important piece is that:

    Once the land is deemed free from the possession of the government, it becomes gazette material and can have a legal title.

    At this point, you can likely say the land is free to have CofO.

    Another thing is that:

    A gazette will show you the communities that have land that is excised and also the number of hectares cleared for whatever purposes the community wants it for.

    Some facts about excision of land

    You already know that.

    The land use act was put in effect to make all land in a state government property was done to ensure that there’s proper documentation of the land and to reduce what I called “land squabbles”.

    How do I identify if the land is truly excision?

    To understand that:

    Your best bet will be that you hire professionals that will investigate the land and check whether it is truly verified at Alausa by the government to be called such a title.

    Or better still.

    You can hire a surveyor to get an accurate co-ordinate of the area and proper analysis of the land.

    According to Nairaland, A layout plan drawn by registered town planners of the families, communities, or individuals concerned shall be submitted to the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development for approval. To encourage the production of layout plans for excised areas the approval fees shall be charged on a concessionary basis of not more than 15% of the going rate.

    Final thought

    The process of land excision is quite rigorous and can span over months.

    So now that you already know all about the excision of land.

    Perhaps, it will be a big mess if you still fall into a pity scam.

    So, it’s best you go for the excision of land already verified by the government.

    This way, it will try better your investment.

    The good news is:

    My team is ready to educate and work with you.

    You can start with us with a live conversation or you can choose other options by subscribing to our newsletter.

    We’ll reply in minutes.

    And don’t forget to share this super helpful guide.